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Business Intelligence

  • Consulting and provider for BI solutions
  • BI strategy and architecture
  • Management information system
  • Microsoft SQL data warehouse
  • Advanced Analytics


  • Data visualization
  • Information design
  • Dashboarding
  • Microsoft Power BI


  • Azure cloud data warehouse
  • Data lake & big data analytics
  • Azure infrastructure consulting
  • Migration in the cloud
  • Advanced analytics in the cloud

BI Process Cockpit

The BI | Process Cockpit is a configurable modular system with various modules. The application allows business users to control or maintain complete BI processes (such as the filling of a DWH) in a graphical user interface. It enables the end user to run and monitor key figure planning processes, workflows and data streams within a Business Intelligence or Performance Management. An additionally available Excel add-in allows the import / export of data and the capture and distribution of input values directly from an Excel pivot table. In addition, complete controlling, financial or planning processes can be presented to the end user in a targeted manner. With our BI Process Cockpit we leave you the complete control of BI processes without technical know-how.

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